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It's Cyber Monday Ya'll

By Phil  /  Posted on December 1, 2014

Available at Urban Outfitters

By Matthew  /  Posted on August 14, 2014
We're very excited to announce Badrick's is now available at Urban Outfitters.

New Ambassadors Program

By Matthew  /  Posted on August 14, 2014
We're happy to announce our new Badrick's Ambassadors Program where we'll be teaming up with some awesome bearded, mustachioed, and non-bearded people around the country. We want to welcome Patrick Quinn and Jason Leonard to the roster. Contact us and let us know if you're interested in helping spread the Badrick's love.

Interview with Cofounder Seth Lombardi

By Seth  /  Posted on May 2, 2014


By Matthew  /  Posted on March 26, 2014
Hi everyone please check here for the most recent and valid coupon codes. Remember givethanks14 ends on March 31, 2014! Best, Beard Barons


By Matthew  /  Posted on March 4, 2014
Hey everyone, we received some serious love from the Elvis Duran Show last week. Check us out on the "What's Trending w/ Carla Marie". Full article below!

By Matthew  /  Posted on January 10, 2014
We wanted to welcome to the beard baron family. You can check out their site for all your bearded needs-including Da Balm and Mug Scrub

Protection against colds

By Matthew  /  Posted on December 11, 2013
Check us out on Men's Journal. ""Tea tree oil couldn't be guaranteed to ward off flus or colds, but it acts similarly to a vapor rub, getting into the airways when you breathe in the scent," says Diana Duncan, certified naturopathic doctor at Bastyr University. "And because it has broad antibacterial-antiviral action, it could potentially kill illness-causing bugs hanging out in your airways." By using a tea tree-based beard oil or balm, you can reinforce your facial hair with some potential cold and flu-fighting powers, not unlike drinking plenty of fluids and eating foods high in vitamin C."

Nightmare Before XXMas Party in Hoboken this Friday!

By Matthew  /  Posted on December 9, 2013
Join us! Friday the 13th @ 10:00pm @ Northern Soul. $3 Dos XX, Live DJ, and Sugar Skull Face Painting. Prizes and giveaways every half hour.

More Movember

By Matthew  /  Posted on November 14, 2013
Another November means another Movember! Besides being bombarded by the bearded and mustachioed those of you without year round facial hair will quickly realize the ravages of this betwixt season straddling fall and winter. Wind. Cold. Rain. Dryness. All enemies of the skin and hair. We want to help you with our unique brand of products made for the skin and facial hair. While others may be concerned with the scent of your beard, few care about what lay beneath- your skin. Our products are designed to fight the flake and fire associated with growing and maintaining that mane- and they smell good too! Stay tuned to our blog, Facebook and Twitter for upcoming events and promo codes for this website.

Welcome West End Salon and Spa

By Seth  /  Posted on September 2, 2013
While on vacation in Provincetown, I stumbled across a really hot and popular salon. I decided to email Douggie the owner to see if he would be interested in carrying our product. So I booked an appointment with him, gave him a description of who we are and what we do, showed him the product and told him what it does and what the benefits are, and he decided to carry it in his Provincetown Salon. Check out how amazing the salon is:

Hoboken Beard Ball

By Mike  /  Posted on September 2, 2013

Last weekend, 8/24 marked the first annual Hoboken Beard Ball at Cooper’s Union in Hoboken. Badrick’s was proud to sponsor this event alongside Heineken as Patrick Walsh went beard to beard against Ben Prior to raise money for the St. Baldrick’s Foundation supporting childhood cancer research.

 photo 7d6243f9-ad7e-45f1-b14a-16af886fcd0b_zpsc7f08439.jpg

Both men put their beards up on Facebook to see who could garner the most “likes” by 8/17/13 to decide the winner. The winner would then have the rights to host the event at their bar and win the power to decide the fate of the other’s beard.

 photo 52bce189-a0a9-42a7-95b4-338dda0ead6d_zps4e445e7c.jpg  photo 90251eb8-dc61-4068-a494-d9ff554e63f6_zps34e6d4d3.jpg  photo cc620af9-ac6c-4367-ad74-c1f82a8cfe8e_zps2e8a93a5.jpg

Patrick Walsh won the Facebook vote and so the party was on at his place, Cooper’s Union. The Badrick’s team brought our beards, our friends, some t-shirts, and gift baskets valued over $500 each that included Da Balm and our Mug Scrub along with other great prizes that were raffled off for donations for the St. Baldrick’s Foundation. We got to meet a lot of new friends and see many old ones while celebrating awesome beards and raising money for a good cause and we were thrilled to be a sponsor for the event.

 photo e5129dfc-59aa-4b40-b6f8-762880a06e16_zps248a2251.jpg

The climactic moment came a little after midnight as Ben’s Beard met its fate at the hands of Patrick and we drew the raffle tickets for the winners of the Badrick’s gift baskets. While we are always sad to see a great beard get shaved, we know that Ben will grow it back.

 photo d30a1182-78f5-49d7-88d6-3908eae88f02_zps9a3d215f.jpg

All in all it was a fantastic event and we want to send a special thank you out to Patrick Walsh and Ben Prior for their awesome beards, Cooper’s Union for hosting, and Heineken for sponsoring the event with us. We at Badrick’s look forward to more events like this in the future and providing you the best products to help grow the best beard possible.

From all of us at Badrick’s, thank you to everyone who attended and donated to make this event a success. We could not have done so without you. Stay tuned to our blog and add yourself to our mailing list to stay in the loop of upcoming events and new product launches. While you are here, don’t forget to pick up some Da Balm and Mug Scrub for your own beard.

Welcome to Badricks

By Matthew  /  Posted on April 23, 2013
Badrick's Skincare, Inc. was literally born through scratching our own itch; the itch of that in between stage when you have more than stubble, but less than a respectable beard. Many do not commit and tragically succumb to premature shaving before their beard has a chance to flourish. We at Badrick's set out to solve this problem for ourselves and our fellow man. After many trials and tribulations, we developed Da Balm™, a revolutionary beard and face balm with the power to banish the pain and discomfort of shaving from your life forever. From there, we realized we had a higher calling. As life moves faster and the fleeting flavor of now changes by the moment, we realized that the world needed products to promote and support the timeless man throughout the present and into the future’s history. Badrick’s Skincare, Inc. is dedicated to you, our customers, and to helping you put your best (and bearded) face forward everyday as you put your unique stamp on the work to make it a better place. We share that goal with you and give a percentage back to the planet with you as well. If you’ve never had a beard, but are becoming curious, we at Badrick’s support you. All of us were there at some point knowing our face was going through life unnaturally naked. Drop us a line on the contact form below and we will send you a free starter sample of Da Balm™. All we ask is that you pay shipping and handling; but if you want to send us a before and after picture, a testimonial, or brag to your friends about how Badrick’s helped you grow your awesome beard, we’re cool with that too.