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Mug Scrub
Clogged pores, imbedded facial hair, or just dry flaky skin. Mug Scrub rises above other scrubs by bringing it to you Badrick's style- gentle but firm.

Fragrance: Tobacco / Vanilla

Featured Ingredients:

Juglans Mandshurica (Walnut Shell Powder)- Also known as Manchurian Walnut, a light exfoliating powder, native to the Eastern Asiatic Region (China, Russian Fareast, North Korea and South Korea).

Attribute / Function

*Light exfoliating Powder
*Removes dead dry skin gently without scratching.

Argania Spinosa Kernal Oil (Argan Oil)- Grown in Southwestern Morocco, one of the rarest oils due to the small and specific growing areas.

Attribute / Function:

*Moisturizing against acne and flaking skin.